Energy Performance Certıfıcate is prepared by Energy Experts using a software program to assess the efficiency level of the building.The key items of the property such as loft insulation, domesticboiler, hot water tank, radiators, windows for double glazing are examined by the expert and entered to the program as input to determine the efficieny level.

 Energy Performance Certificates present the energy efficiency of dwellings on a scale of A to G. The certificate uses the same scale to define the impact a home has on the environment. Better-ratedbuildings should have less impact through carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

 Existing buildings and buildings that the construction is still continuing and permission for the usage is not given by the administration yet, 5627 Energy Efficiency Law enforces to have the Performance Certificate by the end of 02.05.2017.

This enforcement is compulsory for;

Residential Buildings  / Apartments / Residences / Offices and industrial buildings / Shopping malls / Hotels / Sport Complexes / Hospitals / Educational Buildings

  • Energy Performance Certıfıcate can only be prepared by Energy Experts
  • The certificate is presented to the administration at the residential permission level
  • The certificate is mandatory at the level of purchase and sell and also rental of the building

Sismolab is a firm that employs Energy Expert Civil Engineers and has the authority to certificate the bıilging at the residental permission level.